A few years ago (1999) ,I bought my first dog,a male Alaskan Malamute in precise. I live in a suburban territory, just outside Ioannina City , in a farm stretching over 5,000 square meters in the foot of Mt.Mitsikeli, something that helps me grow those big-sized animals up

As years went by,my passion for the breed and the constant contact urged me to commence their systematic raising

I raise the big-sized Alaskan Malamutes (M Loot), of which the males can become up from 65 to 80 kilos of weight and the females from 45 to 60.

The breed is perfect for a wide variety of activities, such as: walking, running, hiking in the mountains and, also, they can become guard dogs, if trained properly. But, above all, it is a companion dog which will amaze you with its power, its eagerness for games and its devotion to its master. They are extremely friendly with children and strangers too.

There are available puppies at colours black and white, grey and white, sable and white, seal and white and red and white.